Homeworkers urged to give thought to office space

Creating an office space from which to work from home can be an exciting prospect but it isn't something to be rushed into.

A recent article from the Reading Eagle has advised people to consider their move carefully before going ahead with a transformation. For example, working out who is going to use the office space and when will ensure that there is sufficient room to move around comfortably, which should make it that bit easier for everyone to get on with their work.

Secondly, you might not require all of the storage space of a desk and a simple table could work better if you want to create the feeling of more space while still enjoying a large enough space to spread work across.

Then there is all of the organisation that is required in any workspace. Keeping files in a sensible order will make work feel less daunting. The article also suggests being creative when it comes to storage for stationary in order to keep the space fun and inspiring.

This also goes for the d├ęcor and layout of the room; it needs to be inspiring to you and your type of work rather than just a generic workspace that you are not particularly interested in. Paint colours, furniture and lighting can all help in this area.


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