Working from home 'shifts priorities when buying'

Buying a property can be a stressful process and finding the right house in the right location that you are willing to invest time and money in to making your home is never easy. However, for people who work from home, there are a raft of other areas to take into consideration when buying a property.

Anyone who is using their home to deliver a service or to make something they then go on to sell, will tell you that space matters. Not just the size of a room, but also the light, view and ambiance of the working space.

Lili Giacobino, who runs, told the Telegraph that she went as far as to hire a buying agent when she was looking for the right property. Ms Giacobino ended up with a home in Kingston-upon-Thames, with two floors and a garden.

“My home is my workshop,” she remarked. “The studio is the biggest room because it is the most important to me.”

The artist added that the garden is also an important part of the property because of the inspiration it provides.


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