10 year guarantee

-The 10 year guarantee offers protection against general timber rot and decay – the guarantee does not cover the product against timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time.

To maintain the validity of this guarantee the product must be treated annually with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant. For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden building please consult one of our representatives.

The SOUTHWICKS 10 year guarantee will be deemed invalid if:

• The product has not been treated annually with an appropriate high quality preservative.

• Any windows have not been sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant.

• The product has been customised or adapted in any way.

• At any point after assembly the building has been in contact with any trees, plants or exterior walls which could allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

• Any timber has been cut, pierced or drilled without a subsequent application of approved cut-end treatment.

• The eventual claimant was not the original purchaser of the product.

• The roofing felt or covering has been damaged or incorrectly fitted allowing water ingress.

Please note: timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement, warping and splitting, particularly in extreme weather conditions. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product – this is natural and is not covered by a guarantee.

Helpful information why you should seriously consider buying a garden office

The number of people now working from home have increased dramatically over the years, the reasons for this are various - the most popular two being either costs or to provide a better work/life balance. Whilst advances in technology have given many professional people the ability to work from other locations, craft based businesses are also finding working from home very advantageous.

When planning your work space, consider the purpose of the building: storage; working area; layout etc. Working from home allows you to plan your own working environment. It should be both comfortable and appropriate to your specific needs. Work out the size of Garden Office you require to fulfil all the criteria.

The Costs

Firstly the initial purchase price of your garden office, you should also budget for groundwork to give your building an adequate base suitable for the size and design you choose. Fitting out to include electrical, insulation, security and also any desks or storage you may require.

(All these costs are included in our whole works price. It includes everything mentioned and more, ensuring there are no hidden extras or anything to worry about).

Ongoing cost would include the heating and lighting of the building plus a contingency for keeping the building maintained in good order.

The potential Savings

• Commuting - By reducing your commuting you will save both time and money in petrol or train costs. Your impact on the environment will also reduce, whilst lowering your carbon footprint. The time saved could be spent working which would then provide greater earnings or spent on other pleasures. Just consider when you fill your tank or buy your season ticket - this is money you will never see again.

• Tax - If you are VAT registered and the building is purchased by your company you should be able to recover the VAT content, in addition Garden Offices are defined by H.M.R.C. as "self contained relocatable buildings" - you would be able to write off the cost of your building over a number of years as a business expense. Please consult your accountant for further information on how this applies to your business.

• Convenience - The ability to achieve the 60 second commute allows you to work when you wish or leave work unfinished for you to resume when convenient.

• Rent - If you are currently renting premises an immediate saving could be made, or if you are about to embark on a new venture by working from home you would avoid being committed to leasing a property for a number of years

• Value – Your home Garden office can easily add £20,000 to the value of your property and increase the salability. Properties with existing quality, office space are in high demand.


• Using a bedroom - You are not separating your working day from your home life. The window cleaner, milkman, children, your partner, the general house etc. are all distractions that take you away from earning your living

• Extending your home or converting your garage - Cost these alternatives with a quote from your builder and see for yourself how good value a purpose made Garden Office is

• Moving house to a larger one with more space - Don't forget the larger house will not only mean a larger mortgage and increased council taxes - but the charges for H.I.P. stamp duty, estate agent fees, solicitors and removal are not recoverable

Visit http://www.southwicks.co.uk/ to find out more and see the full specification


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Key Features


Shell, key features - Superior Grade 28mm Fin. Interlocking Logs Chic European, Heavy Duty Door. High Quality Joiner Made Opening Windows. Heavy Duty 19mm T&G Roof & Floor. Fully insulated and plaster boarded.

Triple glazed glazing – made up with double glazed glass units, further gap then faces with unbreakable, UV resistant polycarbonate secured with tamper proof stainless steel fixings.

Shingle roof

Wood preserved Cuprinol - Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear gives deep penetrating protection to outdoor wood. It is specially formulated to protect against rot and decay and also contains water repellents to help resist rain penetration.


Electrics and lighting – Consumer box, Sockets, Lighting and switches. (External cabling 4mm SWA armoured exterior, 2.5mm sockets, 1mm lighting. Twin strip Lighting 2X58W. External sensor 150W.


Insulation – Roof, sides and flooring

Sides – 28mm T&G outside wall, 30mm insulated , 9mm plasterboard = 67mm wall thickness.

Roof – Shingles roof tiles, 19 T&G, 30mm insulation, 9mm plasterboard = 61mm

Flooring - Heavy duty 19mm T&G, 30mm insulation, 18mm T&G Floorboards, carpet = 72mm.

Supported by Tannalised ground bearers on prepared base.

Plaster boarding

Venting- Bottom and top

Alarm x 2

Additional Locks – door

Window locks

Internal painting

1.5kw oil filled radiator c/w 24hr timer

CCTV camera

Price and delivery details

Arrangements can quickly be made to view the finished unit for full inspection before go-ahead and to answer any further questions.

There is one whole works price of £8500. It includes everything mentioned. Then you just need to plug in your computer and telephone and you’re up and running.

We only require a £500 holding deposit until we are about to start construction, so we do not hold on to a large deposit in advance. All deposits are fully guaranteed until construction has started. Payment is then 50% of balance on first delivery then final balance on completion.

The delivery time of the first components is generally 2-3 weeks. Thereafter it takes approximately a further week for our team to complete full professional installation. You would be regularly updated on the progress of every stage and will be assured that every aspect is completed to our high standards of expectation.

On final inspection, you will be shown how to operate the locks, electrics, timers, Alarm and keypad.

Garden Office Financing

Finance options to help fund the cost of your new garden office.

- Savings

- Re-mortgage

- Loans

Here are the current best loan deals...

Click on these links for more information:



Yet in general, borrowing on the cheapest credit cards substantially undercuts the cheapest loans if you can work it right.

- Business purchase

- If you have a business then it’s sensible to purchase the unit through the company as a business asset.

A Hire Purchase Agreement is now, following the changes in the 2008 budget 100% tax deductable in year one. This follows the introduction of the new Annual Investment Allowance of £50,000 for businesses, which means that each year businesses can offset their first £50,000 against tax.

Planning & building regulations

Planning permission

Under new regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2008 outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

No more than half the area of land around the "original house"* would be covered by additions or other buildings

Building regulations

If you want to put up small detached buildings, building regulations will not normally apply if the floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres.

Specification and key features

Combining a unique and striking design with fantastic all round build quality The Ruminator creates a beautiful outdoor office or garden retreat. Manufactured by skilled craftsmen using premium quality materials, The Ruminator provides an ideal sheltered and warm environment to relax and work in.

Strong, secure and versatile, this amazing building can be utilised by both adults and children – it is very safe, and incredibly secure. Superior 28mm finish interlocking logs emphasise the structural integrity making it extremely stable - this model is built to last! Attractive brass handles complimented with a high security 3-lever lock are included on the stylish European half double glazed single door.

There are two superb quality joiner made opening double glazed windows (each supplied with lock and key) at either side of the door allowing the sunlight to pour into the building and illuminate the spacious interior. With the inclusion of heavy duty roof shingles, generous roof overhang and professional draft seals fitted to all doors and windows you can rest assured that The Sabre is safely protected from the elements.


Unlike many budget competitor products, the ruminator is built with only the highest quality materials and many other products that boast the same function in the market simply cannot compare!

• THE RUMINATOR features high-grade 28mm interlocking planned and finished logs – beware of log cabins that feature rough edged boards machined from poor quality timber.

• THE RUMINATOR features a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system ensuring a tight fit to all boards with no room for damp or wind penetration – beware of log cabins that feature square cut logs with square notch-joint, often leaving a sloppy joint with large visible gaps.

• THE RUMINATOR features factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists – beware of log cabins with untreated floor joists which offer no protection against damp penetration at floor level or worse still cabins that come with no floor joists at all.

• THE RUMINATOR features heavy duty premium shingle roofing as standard – beware of log cabins that come with no roof covering or cheap felt, leaving the log cabin completely open to the elements.

• THE RUMINATOR features oversized extra large doors and windows – most competitor log cabins use narrow doors which can prove difficult for access.

• THE RUMINATOR features key-lockable opening windows and all doors and windows are professionally draft sealed – beware of log cabins with cheap, ill-fitting doors and windows that cannot be properly secured and are susceptible to the weather.

• THE RUMINATOR features high quality glazing which is factory silliconed and internally beaded to all doors and windows – beware of log cabins that feature lesser quality materials and provide no window beading.

• THE RUMINATOR features a generous all round roof overhang which protects the building from severe conditions – beware of log cabins with little or no roof overhanging leaving them vulnerable to the wind and rain.


About us

Southwick’s Garden offices

A family run business serving the South coast, that prides itself in combining a keen price, quality workmanship and a friendly personal service that is not generally found nowadays.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and always aim to exceed your expectations.

Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, and you will always be kept informed of key dates and other important information to ensure a smooth installation and stress free experience with minimum disruption.

The Ruminator.co.uk - The all in one home office

Everything under 1 roof and we’ve got it covered!

Aesthetically pleasing – Designed to blend into the garden

Very secure

Built to last

One complete package at the keenest price. No hidden extras

A Complete Solution – The Ruminator

Garden Offices are a place to work in at home but separate from the hustle and bustle of the daily home life. Built to last, warm, safe & secure and expertly installed, everything you need is included as standard and at one keen cost. Southwick’s Garden Offices adopt a simple approach in providing the very best in working & relaxing in your garden.

The versatile Ruminator costs significantly less than an extension or a loft conversion, adds significant value to your house, and is completed in a fraction of the time, giving you living or business space fast, and with minimal disruption, without the need for planning permission.

For the growing number of people now working from home either full or part time, the Ruminator is built to last, provides a comfortable, secure and professional working, aesthetically pleasing environment without the usual distractions associated with working from home. This allows you to separate your office from your living space and ensure the rooms in your house are just used for what they were intended for.

You may simply want to indulge yourself in the sanctuary of your garden and escape from the pressures of modern life. Popular alternative uses of the Ruminator include an internet games room, music and art studio, your own gym, safe play room and general hobby area.

The Ruminator is a practical and economical alternative to possibly moving house to gain extra space or Renting costly business space on a local industrial estate. You will save on motoring costs, save on rents, save time, be more productive and even make your property more saleable and add to its value.

The attractive appearance of our timber home offices and studios will blend well into your garden. Security is given high priority.

Insulation of the building is achieved with the use of slab insulation panels, double glazing and polycarbonate. Together with the good thermal value of wood, this offers excellent U values for insulation.

The interior walls and ceilings of our insulated home offices and garden studios are lined with plasterboard to give a smooth finish and fully painted. Click here to read the full specification and to get a proper appreciation of what is actually included on the price.

The all in one home office

Do you work from home and need a room away from the “hustle and bustle” of family life, or perhaps need an extra room/den for hobbies, etc?

Then our ‘Ruminator’ could be the answer -

The all in one home office – The Ruminator. Combining a unique and striking design with fantastic all round build quality.The attractive appearance blends well into your garden. Security is given high priority as is insulation. The Ruminator creates a beautiful outdoor office or garden retreat.

The versatile Ruminator costs significantly less than an extension or a loft conversion, is a practical and economical alternative to possibly moving house to gain extra space or renting costly business space. It can add significant value to your house, and is completed in a fraction of the time, giving you aesthetic living or business space, and with minimal disruption.

You may simply want to indulge yourself in the sanctuary of your garden and escape from the pressures of modern life. Popular alternative uses of the Ruminator include an internet games room, music and art studio, your own gym, safe play room and general hobby area.

Built to last, comfortable, secure and expertly installed, everything you need is included as standard and at one keen cost.

Key features:

Fully installation to include,


Superior Grade 28mm Fin. Interlocking Logs, protected and coloured on pressure treated weatherproof, heavy duty floor joists

Fully Insulated

Plaster boarded and decorated

Triple glazed with double glazed glass and unbreakable polycarbonate

Heavy duty premium shingle roofing

Electrics – Consumer unit, Sockets, lighting





Windows and door locks

Sensor lighting, CCTV

One price £8,500 incl. vat


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