Retirees opting to working from home

Figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed that a large number of people are continuing to work past retirement age, partly driven to do so by the possibility of working from home.
The data showed that 12.2 per cent of men past state pension age were in employment in April to June last year, compared to 11.6 per cent the previous year.
Overall, the figures showed that two-thirds of pensioner workers were employed part-time. However, the type of work undertaken by individuals differed by sex, with women more likely to be employed as cleaners, administrators or in professional occupations, while men were most likely to be working as managers, senior officials, directors, or in skilled trades and professional occupations.
Craig Palfrey, of IFA Penguin Wealth, suggested that while finances do play a role in pushing more older people to continue to work, it is boredom and the ease with which people can work from home which also plays a role. He said: “Having worked full-time all their lives in an employed role, and formally retired, they then take up self-employed consultancy work, which is often remote.
“The internet has certainly made it far easier for people to work from home and supplement their retirement incomes.”


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