17' x 11' Insulated Studio completed at Bitterne. Southampton

Exterior 44mm outer shell logs are treated with clear preserver and painted cuprinol shades Silver birch (main body) and Natural stone (window and door frames and edging). Premium black shingle tile roofing system with all round generous overhang to protect walls from the elements. Decorative finials. Interior is painted ivory. Window and door architrave and skirting is natural stone.

Fully insulated floor, walls and ceiling (K18 kingspan Kooltherm) on top of 25mm battened air gap. Seamless jointing of 12mm plasterboard all round.Venting system. Heating and full electrics including 8no. sockets, 8no. low voltage dimmable spot lighting . Switched half lantern sensor PIR light and consumer box with connection to mains. Vaulted and beamed ceiling. Double doors with side glazing, 3no. windows. All double glazed, opening, draft sealed and lockable. Front overhang canopy over double doors.


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